Career Coaching

Career Coaching


Are you in the middle of a career transition, and having trouble landing your ideal job?
We can help you get the advantage over your competition that you’re looking for.

Our premier career coaching and advisory service is designed to meet the needs of both the experienced professional and those seeking to gain a greater understanding of their professional brand. Over a 30-day period, you’ll learn through weekly career coaching sessions how managing your personal brand leads to greater career satisfaction and a brighter future with all the recognition that you deserve.

As a coaching client, you’ll receive access to BCA’s Resumé Construction Service, learn the cycle of career management, and gain the knowledge needed to manage your career for a lifetime. Gain the inside secrets to the job market that have been typically reserved for only the most senior-level professionals.

Looking for career advice that is specific for your individual needs?

  • +Customized Workshops

    At Barton Career Advisors we have a mission that is defined by investing in people & investing in the future. This simple guiding mantra means that we seek to deliver services to our clients that improve their chances of success in managing their career through up and down job markets. It also means that we don’t seek to “sell” services to our clients that they don’t really need.

    BCA One to One™ Workshops are custom designed to “hone in” on key areas of need for our clients. Often a client may solely need help with networking skills, interview skills or some ideas on researching target companies of interest.

    Whatever the need, our vast experience allows for tailored One-to-One workshops that consistently meet the needs of a diverse and growing client base.

Looking for guidance through a career transition?

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