Custom Workforce Solutions

Custom Workforce Solutions


Barton Career Advisors is your guide to outplacement.
Whether you’re transitioning a few people or a few hundred in a reduction-in-force, BCA will work with you to plan an effective restructuring strategy and manage the outplacement and career transition process from start to finish. BCA’s cutting-edge technology, knowledge-based team of career experts, and unique One-to-One methodology make us prepared to help your organization prepare, implement and manage the impact of restructuring.

What’s most important is that your affected employees land new positions to meet their career goals, and that your organization is able to move on and get back to business as usual, with your corporate reputation in tact.

Your company, culture, and people are unique – so why shouldn’t your outplacement solution be the same? We build our solutions from a Blank Sheet of Paper, with flexible delivery options that are customizable to the levels of impacted employees and fit your budget and culture.

Our unique 20:1, One-to-One methodology means that each impacted employee receives the the attention and service they deserve. From severance agreements, to a communication plan, to career transition services for affected employees, we can help you.

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