There Are People I Just Do Not Like

There Are People I Just Do Not Like

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There are people that I just do not like. I do not like their behavior or their chosen attitude. They deplete my reserves of energy, creativity, productivity, hope and forgiveness. They disappointment me. I take responsibility for my own actions, thoughts and results. Therefore it is a really important that I am honest with myself when it comes to evaluating the relationships that are in my life across all my roles. This is not just a career thing. It is a life thing. I firmly believe that we can love the people that we do not like. And sometimes that love means that we let a person go that is not a positive influence. They are full of issues that we did not cause and do not own. We need to love them enough to give them the space they need to heal. We need to love ourselves enough to make that decision.

Find the people that will show this enthusiasm for your growth at every turn. Get around those that care enough to help you get a little better along the way.

You know who I am talking about. There might be a “friend” that always has negative things to say about your ambition or is always there to judge your decisions. They might say, “That idea really seems like a lot of work. You’d be better just to stick with what you are doing. You do not need to go back to school. Forget that idea. What do you want to do that for?” You eat lunch with a coworker a couple times month to share frustrations about the job and it comes back to bite you later. Mom or Dad may even say, “Our family has never been good at math or science you should just really stick to what we know.” You show excitement about a new idea and those around you will not or cannot share your enthusiasm. The expression on their faces almost says, “How dare you be excited.” Your brightness does not fit in their world.

I really like enthusiastic people with a positive outlook on their lives. They are thankful for their God given gifts, appreciate their relationships with others and value their mission here on this big blue ball. I feel so drained when I am exposed to people who seemingly have no direction, no purpose and no energy for moving in a forward looking direction. I choose people who encourage me, who care enough to give me supportive feedback and those who inspire me through their own behaviors of excellence. “Great idea! Cool project. Congrats. Have you thought of doing it a little differently to take it to the next level?” Find the people that will show this enthusiasm for your growth at every turn. Get around those that care enough to help you get a little better along the way.

We all have a choice when it comes to who we let into our lives. Certainly we should be open to receiving and uplifting as many people as we possibly can. However, sometimes the garbage that people send our way is beyond our limited, mortal ability to cleanse and heal. These perspectives include our bosses, our colleagues, friends, acquaintances and yes, sometimes even our own family. If you want to achieve nothing in your life or your career, just spend time with those that are going nowhere and you will get your wish.

I love stories where the hero does not listen to the detractors and goes on to achieve greatness. Love yourself and those around you enough to understand when a relationship is not serving to enrich your spiritual, personal and professional growth. Love everyone, but chose to let go of the people who cannot get past their own insecurities long enough to let you attempt excellence. Be the hero.

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