Two Paragraph Perspectives: Each of Us Make the Unassailable Difference

Two Paragraph Perspectives: Each of Us Make the Unassailable Difference

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Our staff works very smart and passionately in our business to make things better for our clients. I certainly hope that over time clients become friends and our relationships grow through the efforts of every one of our team members at Barton Career Advisors. I am stealing from my pervious professional life for these perspectives. I often do this when I need inspiration. I have had the privilege of working for and with some great companies. One of those organizations had a list of values that we carried around on a simple card, in our pockets and portfolios, every single day. We lived those values and we believed in our mission. What it all comes down to is each individual, doing their part, as a member of a symbiotic whole organism devoted to breaking the rules if necessary to amaze every customer.

I have learned in the last five years of leading and growing Barton Career Advisors that the outplacement and career transition industry is not about slick technology, a great business model, cost optimization, or sales and marketing. Our business is about investing in people. People. It is with this knowledge that we have worked to attract and educate some of the best career advisors in our industry. On a weekly basis we share stories of our successes (and failures) in an open forum to really get to the essence of what each client needs to be successful. It is the focus on live interactions with our clients that drive our team to be the difference in the lives of each individual professional. Test this out in your organization.

Throughout the fall season of 2014, Barton Career Advisors will dedicate its industry pieces and blogging to a new series called Two Paragraph Perspectives. There is so much going on in our world and it is often difficult to consume an entire article, thought leadership piece, whitepaper, or news story. Our world communicates at lightning speed and most of that happens in 140 characters or less. For the previously mentioned reasons we will bring you key thoughts, insights, and questions in an easy to consume two paragraph format. Before the steam is finished rising off your morning coffee or tea you will be done reading our bi-weekly digest of all things career transition, personal brand management and outplacement best practices. We hope you are looking forward to this series written by our Founder and Managing Partner, Chris Barton.

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