Is it time to pack up your skills and go?

Is it time to pack up your skills and go?

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by Andrea Abernethy and Ed Weirauch, Career Transition Coaches

It’s only natural to have ups and downs in your job or across your broader career. But how might you know when its time to move on from your current job? You may be experiencing a particularly frustrating or quiet time, but is it really time to go?  Inc. Magazine recently ran a column titled 8 Signs It’s Time to Take Your Skills Elsewhere.  Let’s take a look at these 8 signs, share our perspectives, and see how many might apply to you and provide clarity in your decision to make a change or not.

1.  You know that your product is second best. It is much more satisfying to have a job or career in which you truly believe the product you are selling will improve or benefit the client, buyer, industry, or world in some way. As career coaches we learn about our clients’ likes and dislikes in an effort to try to match them with a position that will be an excellent fit for them ethically. Workers who feel passionate about their work will excel. – Andrea

2.  Your dread of Monday is ruining Sunday. Luckily I have only felt this way once in my career but it sure is a telling experience. Do give it time if you’re on a new job, the first several weeks of any job can be tough. If the “dread” persists, maybe its not a match. Mondays are tough enough but when you start dreading them on Sundays… it’s time to move on. – Ed

3.  You don’t respect the people you’re working with. Disrespect of coworkers on the job can cause a great deal of stress and eventually cause employees to resign from their positions. In addition to being compatible with the job requirements we need to make sure when we take a job we fit in with the job environment or company culture. Happy and compatible people make productive workers. – Andrea

4.  You don’t believe your company strategy.  As coaches, we talk a lot about the importance of our clients’ conviction and belief in their company, that’s what drives us to contribute and do the best job we can. But when your belief in the company’s strategy is in doubt, its like a balloon with leaking helium and you lose your umph. – Ed

5.  You sense you’re not making a difference. When workers know that their work has a positive impact on others, even in small ways, they will be much more satisfied at work and their productivity will increase. If what you do shows obvious results in helping others, you will be motivated to work harder and will be happier at work. – Andrea

6.  You find yourself complaining too much. Not good. Complaining can indicate that we have gotten too comfortable on the job and aren’t thinking, “I better watch what I say.”  What got me years ago wasn’t complaining as much as verbalizing my cynicism about the company’s new direction… my bad move. – Ed

7.  You’re bored more than you’re “in the zone.” Boredom is a dead giveaway that it’s time for a new challenge. For many of us, this is a natural evolution. Maybe we’ve conquered a series of challenges and are out-growing this job. Clue: Do you find yourself watching the clock more than your work? If so, you may need to get moving on a new job search as an antidote to your boredom! – Ed

8.  You know you can’t fulfill your potential. If you can’t see tangible results of your productivity at work, set clear goals for yourself and measure your goals against them, take on difficult challenges, and work harder to achieve your goals. Also, spend time with positive co-workers who can help to motivate you. If this doesn’t work maybe it’s time to find a good coach who can help you find a new career that is better suited to you. – Andrea

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