Founder Chris Barton Featured in Villanova’s HRD Corner

Founder Chris Barton Featured in Villanova’s HRD Corner

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Villanova featured Outside-In® Companies very own Christopher Barton as he discusses his extensive career in the industry, how he maintains work/personal life balance, and the challenges he faces along the way.

Barton founded the career coaching firm Barton Career Advisors and is currently the Sales Group Leader for the Outside-In® Companies. His extensive background is rooted in over twelve years of recruiting and HR experience. Crediting his daily successes to managing the pulse of the business, Barton uses detailed reporting, weekly one-on-ones, and staying engaged to remain ahead of the game.

However, it’s not all work and no play for Barton. He values his commitments and priorities both inside and outside the office. In his spare time he enjoys relishing in the accomplishments of his ballerina daughter, Charlie, and his talented swimmer son, Christopher. “I say view your work and personal commitments in a holistic manner and you’ll stand a much better chance of being happy,” said Barton.

Click here to read the full interview and learn what a typical day in the office is like for this triple-threat, how he overcomes challenges, and how he maintains his personal happiness.