Relationships That Produce Results!

Relationships That Produce Results!

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by Chris Barton, President & Founder

By now, every career transition professional within earshot has explained the importance of “networking” as it pertains to managing your professional brand and unlocking the secret code of the hidden job market. Lots and lots of documentation exists to support the well known fact that you’ll find your next gig through networking 73% of the time. What does that really mean though? Of course it means that you’ve got to get out of your pajamas and out of the house to land a job, at minimum. However, we are terribly frightened at Barton Career Advisors by how often we hear that getting ahead through networking is a numbers game. It’s not… a game.

Let me tell you a story about relationships that what learned from my grandfather…

“My grandfather, a Sergeant in the US Army during World War II and a proud representative of the greatest generation, used to teach me fundamentals of leadership through little jokes and jabs. He was known for his attention to the important relationships in his life. Sometimes we can all get a little stubborn, particularly when it comes to getting what we want. When my grandfather observed this behavior in someone he’d say directly to that person, with a little crooked mischievous smile and a sparkle in his eye, “Well, you’re just ONE WAY!” He could get away with this not because he was old but because he was genuine, caring and his delivery was impeccable. He was so well known for this phrase that a relative even made him a ONE WAY arrow sign (just like the traffic signs) for a special occasion. The darn thing even had hooks on it so he could hang up his keys. My grandfather displayed that sign right next to the family room door for all to see! It served as a constant reminder that relationships are not one way and it always made me smile.”

In a world of slick technologies to accomplish everything from love matchmaking to landing in a new career, we have begun to wonder if we are not missing the true manna! Personal attention! Relationships in business and in all endeavors are similar to living organisms. What happens if those petunias you bought to make the house pretty don’t get watered while you are away for a long weekend? In exchange for water and little Miracle-Gro® they give you bright color and great fragrances into the early fall! While this analogy may define relationships as quid pro quo, the point is rather clear – our relationships need to be TWO WAY!

At the foundation of every effective relationship you will find trust and a passion for truly understanding what is important to the other party. This goes well beyond immediate tangible goals and extends to the use of our human sensibilities to detect the hopes, fears and aspirations of others. Hey, if you really want to see how a one way street works for relationships, try jumping in your car and driving the WRONG WAY on a ONE WAY street. If you are lucky, don’t get hit by another car and manage not to kill anyone we guarantee you’ll get honked at!

Barton Career Advisors, LLC is a relationship based outplacement and career coaching firm offering premier career transition services to corporations and individuals throughout the US and Canada. The company which is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware offers flexible outplacement for businesses and career coaching and resume construction for individual clients. The company supports its one to one approach with its innovative career transition portal, CoachOnetoOne™. Through Speaker Services the company works with corporations, professional associations, conferences and non-profits to provide training and key-note presentations on career related topics. Barton Career Advisors employs a need-based business model, BCA One-to-One, which is driven by experience and client outcomes.