Our Customers Say...

  • When I decided to leave a long-time career in engineering and capitalize on the passions I had developed over the years I turned to the Outside-In Companies for guidance. Their staff and career advisers were helpful in obtaining my “story” and developing a brief, but comprehensive, resume that captured my experiences and passions. The story was convincing enough to have a bank president green light my hiring for an insurance firm and him offering opportunities within his bank; neither of which I had previous experience.

    - Mario S., Transition from Engineering into Insurance Industry
  • Working with Barton Career Advisors was an absolute pleasure. Their professionalism and ability to focus on what was important was outstanding.

    - Cathy H., Communications Professional
  • I have only a little over a week left with my summer internship and it has been a great experience thanks to the help of Barton Career Advisors. When I first contacted the firm they were very assuring that I was capable of getting the internship on my own, and that I just needed to organize my resume in a presentable way to represent myself. With their step by step process, I completed my ‘homework’ which resulted in a great resume and got me an interview!

    - Jessica H., Marketing Major
  • I am very appreciative of the expertise and feedback from Chris and his team. I found everyone to be very concerned about capturing the essence of my experience, in a quantitative fashion, to best describe the talents that I would be able to bring to a new employer.

    The team was always quick to respond to my e-mails and phone calls and provided guidance throughout the job search process. I enjoyed working with Barton Career Advisors and look forward to recommending them to friends & family who might benefit from one or more of their services.

    - Bill W., Marketing Professional
  • The first thing that impressed me about Barton Career Advisors was the utmost professionalism and personal attention to my career transition. Their executive level HR experience was evident in all aspects of my job search including a dynamic resume as well as networking and interviewing strategies that work!

    The breakthrough branding tactics used on all my career related documents gave me a significant advantage over the other people looking for similar positions. If you are looking for a GREAT Career Advisor, I would strongly recommend Barton Career Advisors!

    - Bob B., Marketing Professional
  • I was referred to Barton Career advisors in early 2010 by someone who’s professional judgment I trust explicitly. Once I had my first meeting, I knew they would be the ones to help me find my way back into the field that I have grown to love. They helped me with my personal marketing materials and what to expect during this process in a very tough job market. I truly feel that with Barton Career Advisor’s help, I am now re-employed in the facilities management field. Thank you Barton Career Advisors.

    - Dennis G., Facilities Management
  • As I stepped into the office at Barton Career Advisors for the first time, the career and personality assessments, to the resume input, presentation and completion, to working with their team has been a life-changing experience.

    BCA gathered accurate, factual information about me and my past work experiences and then presented the results to me in such a way, that I immediately regained my self respect and confidence that had been missing for the last 3 years of my life. The experience with everyone at BCA completely removed my fear of the process of searching out a new career. My new, reformatted resume from Barton Career Advisors allowed me to look directly into the mirror and see the reflection of a successful, self-confident man who will bring in a high level of professionalism and accomplishments to benefit his new employer.

    I walked into Barton Career Advisors a tired, worn down and insecure man, and today I am walking tall and I believe in myself. I am very excited about my future. Thank you all for giving me back the zeal for life.

    - David C., Sales Professional
  • I thought our session yesterday went very well and am very excited to get started. What’s been a breath of fresh air for me is looking at opportunities across industries, seeing job descriptions, and thinking to myself that I truly would make a good candidate for a lot of what I’m seeing.

    - Matthew B., Business Analyst
  • After years of keeping what I call a career history file, I found myself needing a polished resume and bio. The challenge of marketing myself from a fresh perspective was difficult for me and I was struggling to complete the task.

    A co-worker just happened to share with me his interaction with Barton Career Advisors and I contacted them the next day. What a great experience! They were able to give my resume the fresh perspective I was looking for. They analyzed all of my accomplishments and organized them into great marketing tools. Without the assistance of Barton Career Advisors, I would not be as well prepared for the new opportunities ahead.

    - Susan B., IT Professional
  • I put my reputation on the line each time I refer someone to Barton Career Advisors and without fail, they deliver. They genuinely want to see people succeed and work in partnership with job seekers (you steer and they help you navigate).

    The team at BCA are good listeners and don’t attempt to wedge people into a pre-determined mold, but instead help people recognize their unique value-add to an organization. Candidates call me back with a different level of confidence and success after working with BCA.

    - Laura G., Recruiter
  • Having been in the workforce and gaining some valuable experience, I was unsure as to the best way to construct a resume that would highlight my accomplishments and set me apart from others in my field. In today’s job market I knew that I needed a top quality document targeted to the right audience in order to be considered for the upper level positions I was looking for.

    Barton Career Advisors worked closely with me to produce an extremely professional resume that showcased my work experience. Shortly after I began utilizing my new resume during my job search, I was able to land an interview and ultimately secure a new position with a new company due to the help that I received from BCA.

    - Mark G.
  • After many months of frustrating and futile efforts in my job search, I attended a formal local networking event with one single objective in mind: To meet at least one person who could help turn my situation around. This objective was achieved in the first person I met that evening, Chris Barton.
    I followed up with Chris immediately after the event and decided to engage his services to help me rebrand myself. This was actually the best decision I had made in months. Besides being great to work with, Chris not only helped me develop a renewed confidence in myself, but also was able to help me make my search more purposeful and targeted. I was also extremely impressed with his professional rewrite of my credentials. In the end, I felt extremely good about “my brand” and the results began almost immediately.
    Within one or two months, I made several connections which led to my creating my own consulting firm. Now I am providing consulting services to one of the World’s most recognized brands from the financial services industry…a company who also it happens has asked me to come on as a permanent employee. I credit Barton Career Advisors for helping jump start my success!

    - John C., Business Professional