Paying it Forward

Our Community

We feel passionate about helping people – and not just helping them find jobs, but also by giving back to our community.

To Pay it Forward, the Outside-In® team pulls together to help organizations in their cause. Team members nominate charities close to their hearts and as a company, we spread awareness, hold events, and collect donations – both items & monetary – to support those in need.

This fall, we are working with Preston’s March for Energy whose mission is to provide adaptive bikes to children with special needs. We adopted a 14-year-old boy named Zachary who lost his left leg in November of last year due to Osteosarcoma. He uses a prosthetic to walk, but misses being able to ride a bike around the neighborhood or go for a bike ride with his sister, Mother or Father. One of the first questions he asked when he found out he was going to lose his leg was whether or not he would ever be able to ride a bike again.

Your support will help us purchase an adaptive bike best suited to Zachary’s needs and allow him to ride a bike again.

To support or ask about our Outside-In® Paying it Forward program, contact us at charity [at]
In the last year, we have supported: