Outside-In® Companies

Barton Career Advisors is an Outside-In® Company.

Outside-In-Logo-FOur partnership with CBI Group and Placers is based on a shared set of values.
As Outside-In® Companies, we are culturally-led and operate by putting the customer at the center of all that we do.

The History behind our Outside-In® partnership:

Chris Barton founded Barton Career Advisors in April 2009 with the purpose of making career services and professional branding accessible to everyone. The year prior, when the company was just an idea in Chris’ head, he was introduced to Chris Burkhard (the founder of Outside-In®). Chris and Chris not only shared the same name and initials, but also the same relationship-based, customer centric service approach to business. The two clicked immediately, yet their partnership began simply: Barton rented out an office from Burkhard’s recruitment company, CBI Group.

Sharing both entrepreneurial minds and physical space, the Chrises bounced ideas off each other and the two quickly saw an opportunity to achieve BCA’s purpose and expand CBI Group’s talent services. Barton started his business for consumers, wanting to be nothing like the rest of outplacement industry, but Burkhard helped him see that he could fix what was wrong in the industry – and differentiate – through high touch career transition coaching services. They had their first outplacement customer by the end of ‘09.

What began as an informal business relationship based on a shared set of values, naturally developed into a formal partnership. By 2013, CBI Group and Barton Career Advisors recognized that their shared belief in the Outside-In® culture was what brought them together and strengthened the talent solutions they provided to their customers. For BCA, what better way to provide superior career-based services than by adopting a purely customer-centric service mentality? The answer was clear.

We joined the Outside-In® Companies partnership in 2013, and continue to enjoy working with CBI Group and Placers to provide Blank Sheet of Paper solutions to serve customer’s talent needs in recruitment, staffing, and outplacement.

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