Top 10 Career Transition Questions: #7 How do I get people to care about my story?

Top 10 Career Transition Questions: #7 How do I get people to care about my story?

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Blog post by Barton Career Advisors Founder and Managing Partner Chris Barton

This blog is part of a series addressing some of the most compelling questions for those that are beginning a career search. During the last 6 years, we have been asked hundreds of questions related to career transition and best practices. Here we are distilling those queries down to the 10 most critical need to know responses. Here is #7 of 10, discussing your unique selling proposition.

Do I have a complete sense of my skills, values and desired work to succinctly articulate my unique selling proposition to anyone who might ask, including hiring managers or referral sources?

For those of us who have had our noses to the grindstone, perhaps for years, we may not have come up for air long enough to give these questions their due. The reality in today’s marketplace is quite clear. If you want to be positioned as a highly valued candidate and professional, you need to have a sense of your personal brand that goes far beyond a simple resume. In fact, the best candidates are the ones that take the time to understand themselves in a way that sets themselves apart from a sea of other possible solutions. It all can begin with a few simple questions

1.) What skills do I have?

2.) What do my values tell me about the kinds of work or companies that would make me happy?

3.) What type of work do I desire to do?

These investigational questions can help you get in tune with your personal story in a way that is often game-changing. Developing a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) requires that you know yourself. Short cuts in this process will not serve you well. Your mission in a job search is to tell a clean, compelling candidate story. You cannot get this done with surface knowledge.

Start finding words that truly describe what is important to you and more critically what is special about you. With these tools in hand you can begin developing your unique selling proposition. With little effort, you will soon be able to articulate what makes you, you. When you tell a story in a way that feels natural to you it resonates with hiring managers. That knowledge will be the key to impressing the right person at exactly the right time. You will not regret the investment in yourself.

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