Two Paragraph Perspectives: The X-Factor (Enthusiasm)

Two Paragraph Perspectives: The X-Factor (Enthusiasm)

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Blog post by Barton Career Advisors Founder and Managing Partner Chris Barton

In my previous life, I worked for an organization that was committed to a set of values. The group of people I worked with, as a matter of fact, all of the people in our company, carried small laminated cards in our pockets to remind us of what we were committed to as a team. This is very similar to the way my organization lives today. We have a set of values called Outside-In®. These twenty values help us to define who we are and what we hope to accomplish for our customers and our community. In my previous company, we always talked about how enthusiasm made a huge difference. At Outside-In® Companies we talk about being “Nth Degree.” It’s a simple way to say we want to impress our customers. Quite often that means encouraging energy and excitement around the work that we do. It means that we are enthusiastic to accomplish our mission.

If you think about it, enthusiasm is the thing that makes the difference. Whether we’re talking about the perception of an individual, a professional, a business, an institution, or a sports team, it is clear that we recognize when a group or individual has that special something. I’d like to think that enthusiasm is what sets us apart from everyone else. It’s what makes what we do special and it’s what makes others want to be a part of our team, program, or projects. Recently, I was speaking to a client who was telling me how terrible things were in their workplace. I asked, “Do you feel like you can continue to show enthusiasm for your work?” His immediate answer was no so I said, “You either need to find a way to be enthusiastic again or unfortunately you’re going to have to leave your role. You may even be asked to leave your role.” Enthusiasm is the X-Factor. If you don’t have it, be prepared to give up your fight to someone who does.

Barton Career Advisors has recently dedicated its industry pieces and blogging to a new series called Two Paragraph Perspectives. There is so much going on in our world and it is often difficult to consume an entire article, thought leadership piece, whitepaper, or news story. Our world communicates at lightning speed and most of that happens in 140 characters or less. For the previously mentioned reasons we will bring you key thoughts, insights, and questions in an easy to consume two paragraph format. Before the steam is finished rising off your morning coffee or tea you will be done reading our bi-weekly digest of all things career transition, personal brand management and outplacement best practices. We hope you are looking forward to this series written by our Founder and Managing Partner, Chris Barton.

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