How Can Outplacement Services Transform Your Employment Brand?

How Can Outplacement Services Transform Your Employment Brand?

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An employment brand is the way in which your organization is perceived by the public. It directly influences how employees, applicants, and candidates interact with and speak about your company. All in all, employment brand affects everything from filling internal positions to how business is conducted with other companies. Most employment brands are tarnished by scorned employees who were not treated properly in a layoff situation without an outplacement program.

Seeing as employees are the core of any organization, it is imperative that companies conduct employee surveys, host open door meetings, and really listen to what they have to say. If your employees don’t have an outlet within the business to talk about their concerns or problems they will find somewhere else to voice their opinion. This is where social media (particularly Glassdoor) could become potentially dangerous for your employment brand.

Downsizing, restructuring, and layoffs don’t just impact the employees being let go—the families of each employee and the remaining members of the organization are greatly affected as well. Utilizing an outplacement service to professionally communicate tough business decisions to your team benefits employees across the board. Through minimizing the negative impact on your brand, an outplacement program solves those hard to answer questions, maintains employee engagement, and improves morale for remaining employees.

If you’re part of an organization facing a layoff or have any questions about outplacement, please contact us at Barton Career Advisors (877)-222-9140. We can help you.

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