Outside-In® Talent Seminar: 27 Factors of Talent Strategy

Outside-In® Talent Seminar: 27 Factors of Talent Strategy

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NOSWOTOn Thursday, we held our first Outside-In® Talent Seminar of 2014, 27 Factors of Talent Strategy. Business professionals and knowledge-seeking individuals joined us in our Wilmington office for some hand shaking, a hot breakfast, and some good old fashioned learning.

Sales Lead and founder of Barton Career Advisors, Chris Barton, led the conference on the factors that influence talent acquisition and recruitment effectiveness today. The highly-sought after talent expert kicked off the active discussion through illustrating how to throw away the dreaded SWOT assessment and implement more effective tools to improve recruitment practices. Barton also spoke about how company culture, strategic plans, and employment brand all affect the structure of your talent organization.

CBTASeminarBarton also shared several statistics that listed top pressures in talent acquisition and how they are affecting employers. For example, one statistic depicted that 39% of US employers are currently experiencing difficulty filling jobs. The discussion then turned to describing the cutting-edge sourcing strategies and people practices used to overcome these talent shortages.

Interested in attending our Outside-In® Talent Seminars? We’ll be offering nine more seminars this year, continuing Thursday, February 27th with Trends of The Contingent Workforce, presented by Outside-In® Founder & CEO Chris Burkhard. Join us for a valuable discussion on the exciting evolution that is taking place in the working world today! Get your tickets here.

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