Why Do Culture and Values of an Outplacement Provider Matter?

Why Do Culture and Values of an Outplacement Provider Matter?

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Guest blog spot by Greg Moore, Customer Relationship Manager

Let me begin by stating the obvious: Your next career move is vitally important to you. You want and need to get it right. As you begin this search process with the assistance of an outplacement provider, you need to understand clearly what you are going to do and what services will be provided as part of an outplacement. But, even before that, there is something else you need to understand.

You need to understand the basic culture and set of values in the outplacement firm. If this firm is going to help lead you through a process that ends with a great new job, you need to be starting off aligned and in step with one another. How can you expect to end up where you want if you and your partner in this process aren’t starting with the same basic understanding of what is important?

This is where culture and values come into play. Outplacement is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Just as each person is different – each story is different. You will want to work with someone who will take the time to learn your story and help you tell it effectively and in your voice. Trust me, not every firm will do that. Some will present a “tried and true” methodology and offer you some group classes on how to work through the process.

Here are some questions you should ask any potential outplacement firm:

  • Will I be able to work one-on-one with the same coach / counselor throughout the process?
  • Where does the process begin? 
  • Will we meet regularly? 
  • Will you help me surface opportunities that I might not find myself?

If you have a set of expectations from your outplacement firm that includes having a close relationship with a trusted counselor, only to learn during the process that the firm does not intend that – you have a major disconnect right at the outset and your chances of ending up where you want are dim.  You are not starting where you think you are. This is very disturbing and disappointing when it happens. And it happens too often.

Before you select an outplacement firm, whether for yourself or for employees being transitioned, take the time to be comfortable with the cultural fit. If you start right – you increase the chances of ending right.

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